Charge of the ESCRO Committee

The ESCRO is responsible for the following:

  • To provide scientific, medical and ethical review of proposed hESC Research, regardless of whether the proposed research also requires consideration by an IRB;
  • To provide a focal point for campus consideration of all issues related to derivation and research use of hESC lines;
  • To facilitate education of investigators in the ethical, legal, and policy issues involved in hESC Research, including setting minimum educational requirements as prerequisites for conducting hESC Research;
  • To assist investigators in assessing which regulations apply to proposed hESC Research activities;
  • To ensure that the provenance of hESCs is documented, and that there was IRB approval of the procurement process in order to ensure adherence to the basic ethical and legal principles of informed consent and protection of confidentiality;
  • To establish and maintain a registry of Yale hESC Research, including documentation of key personnel, descriptive information about the types of research being performed, and the hESCs in use;
  • To review evolving regulations and guidance and make recommendations to update University policy accordingly; and
  • To ensure that all applicable hESC regulatory requirements are met and that hESC Research is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

You may find the Policy for the Review of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research at Yale on the Provost’s Web site.